Sign and symptoms of impairment often include but are not limited to the following:

Family Life

  • Marital problems indicated by separation/divorce, infidelity
  • Physical abuse of spouse or children
  • Financial problems
  • Increased absence at family activities
  • Increased behavioral problems with children
  • Sexual problems indicated by impotence and/or the onset of fetishes or otherwise odd behavior

Social Life

  • Isolating from friends
  • Obvious intoxication at inappropriate times which includes erratic behavior
  • Legal problems such as DUI’s, possession

Physical and Mental Changes

  • Pronounced changes in eating habits
  • Marked change in mood including mania, irritability, depression or flat affect.
  • Decline in attention to hygiene and/or appearance.
  • Frequently appearing tired and disheveled
  • Inexplicable injuries and accidents
  • Frequent incidence of illnesses
  • Dilation or pinpoint pupils

Professional Life

  • Frequent absences
  • Frequent trips to the bathroom
  • Unreliability in returning calls and pages
  • Decline in quality of work
  • Marked change in interaction with colleagues and/or staff members