Referral to Appropriate Treatment

The PAC works closely with the EAP (Employee Assistance Program) and has counselors with substance abuse training and mental health training available to make referrals to appropriate treatment. The Chair of the Committee is a psychiatrist and we have access to a wide variety of psychiatric support.

Assessment & Evaluation

The Committee will do the initial screening of a case and then will, when necessary, ask for complete evaluation for either substance abuse or mental health reasons.

Ongoing Monitoring

The PAC can provide ongoing monitoring of a physician to be sure that they follow through with the treatment that is required. This is done either through contact with a treatment provider or through the EAP.

Advocacy for Participating Physicians

One of the most valuable aspects of the PAC is that it can serve as a legitimate advocate for the physician who is seeking assistance. The Committee can advocate with regard to their job at UMMC or with regard to their license, credentialing, malpractice coverage, etc.

Liaison with the Med-Chi Physician Health Program

The PAC works closely with the Med-Chi Physician Health Program to assist physicians to find appropriate care, to monitor and to advocate.

Educational Programs

The PAC provides educational programs for Grand Rounds in various Departments, for orientation of residents, for the Graduate Program Directors, for the medical staff itself and for other related groups.

Documentation of Recovery

The PAC can assist in providing the necessary documentation of recovery for physicians who participate in the program. It is very important for a physician in recovery to be able to document that recovery so that the credentialing bodies and licensing boards are sure that they are in stable recovery.